!! BEWARE !! Scammers are using our name & logo on their Facebook ad.

We heard several reports of a new hoax: high-demand auto parts being "sold" at low prices on FB Marketplace. The would-be thieves have heavy foreign accents, demand payment by wire transfer or credit card, and spoof U.S. phone numbers, but law enforcement believes they are working from beyond our borders. To confirm you contacted a genuine A-1 rep, call us: 800-456-0715. You'll know in seconds.

Spotting a Scammer

The best defense is one's own natural suspicion where our hard-earned money is concerned, but here are some online resources: << https://www.propublica.org/article/how-to-avoid-being-scammed-on-facebook-marketplace >> AND <<https://consumer.sd.gov/resources.aspx>> AND <<https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/>> AND <<https://www.facebook.com/help/1156544111079919/>>

We Buy Cars

A-1 Auto Recyclers is paying top dollar for End-of-Life and damaged vehicles. Contact us for a quote. There is no special processing required, no fluids to drain; we recycle everything, even the washer fluid. Our quotes are adjusted as the steel market fluctuates. We will update pricing on the site when we hear of any changes, usually toward the beginning of the month.

!! Paying $145.00 per Ton !! (Complete, Delivered, Fluids Need Not Be Drained)

Payment is for complete, titled vehicles delivered to our 7804 S. Hwy 79 facility. We harvest in-demand parts and return metals, plastics, and fluids to the automotive food chain. Sell your car in May, and Detroit will have those materials off the assembly line and back in action before the same year's Sturgis Rally.

Salvage Title: A Bad Thing?

Repaired cars are not necessarily bad cars. WHY a car has a salvage brand is important; the term is vague. Collision damage may brand a 2006 Taurus "salvage," while the same damage will be repaired on a 2018 Taurus without changing the title brand. Hail damage can result in a salvage brand, although there is a material difference between a hard collision and light hail. In short, research the "why" for the brand. Once you know the facts, a great deal of money can be saved.

Common Courtesy

Courteous service is our standard! If you have a question before or after a purchase, just call 800-456-0715 / 605-348-8442, or email us from our contact page.

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