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We are currently paying $65 per ton for complete vehicles delivered with titles to our Highway 79 facility.  If you have iron or steel scraps you'd like included in the weight, we have a scale on site, and the pay-rate is the same, even with extraneous steel packed into vehicles.  We have fewer rules than many of our competitors.  You don't need to remove any fluids or batteries, and we allow five tires per car.   We often pay more than the scrap rate for cars with popular parts in good condition.  We can NOT accept rolls of barbed wire, cable, chain-link fencing, anything that will jam the automobile shredder, nor can we accept white goods, like refrigerators.  If you have a question about whether or not a specific item is allowed, just call or email us.  We're open 8-5, Monday-Friday.


Courteous Service is our Standard!
• We ship parts daily.
• Automatic 30-day warranty.
• Open M - F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Automotive Recyclers Association: Gold Seal